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🌸 Hello 🌸

I’m a “jack-of-all-trades” artist who’s been working in the game industry for almost 10 years now 👩‍🎨


I’ve started out as concept artist, but then slowly transformed into 2D artist + level artist. Now I am transitioning into 3D art and I’m also working hard to improve my Technical Art skills 🌟 Additionally, I have plenty of experience managing teams and projects, with big focus on task planning and mentoring.


I’m located in Slovakia 🇸🇰, and work only remotely. But I don’t mind traveling somewhere once in a while (within Europe) 🧳


Additionally, I also own a small café with crêpes and waffles 🧇 And all my free time I spend with my dogs 🐶

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Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 23.14.26.png
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